In Roskoshestvo gave advice on the choice of wine for a picnic

Experts Roskoshestvo told how to choose the right wine for a picnic.

While the fire has not yet divorced, and the food is not ready, at the aperitif you can drink white wines from aromatic varieties of grapes, and meat, poultry or fish on the grill is better to choose something a little more complicated from classic grape varieties — Chardonnay or Riesling with a slight aging in oak.

With the red wines, on the contrary, for complex wines with a long aging, and gradually reveals the scent that requires decanting, it is better to choose another reason. Picnic wines are not very complex but quite balanced, with pronounced fruity and spicy undertones on the palate.

According to specialists of Roccasecca, sparkling wine — absolutely universal recommendation for any reason. In nature, they go with a Bang almost any food, except that the fat of mutton.

However, there is a caveat: the failure temperature of the beverage can spoil the impression about him. Even red wine is better to carry a refrigerated, not to mention whites and sparkling. You can pre-chill the bottle in the refrigerator, then wrap each with foil and put into the thermo pack or cooler. You can also fill a freezer bag with ice packs. Temperature is important not only sparkling, but also for rosé wines.

it is not recommended to take on nature, so this liqueur wines, even very good. In the heat they are too heavy, experts advise to leave them to cool autumn evenings.

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