In St. Petersburg and Kronstadt throwed salute in honor of Navy Day

the Day of the Navy in St. Petersburg ended with colorful fireworks that live was watched by thousands of spectators, for the first time in “coronavirus” year it was not forbidden to do so.

Exactly 22:30 the sky above the fortress lit up with thousands of fireworks that released division salute the Mikhailovsky military artillery Academy.

the Domes of St. Petersburg fire balls in the sky in diameter exceeds 300 meters, equivalent to four football fields.

at the same time a salute has thundered, and in Kronstadt, where celebratory shots were given unique self-propelled unit on the basis of cars KAMAZ.

in the Morning in the Northern capital hosted the main naval parade. Arrived in St. Petersburg warships of the Northern, Pacific, Baltic and black sea fleets and the Caspian division.

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