In St. Petersburg municipal deputies arrested for pickets

In St. Petersburg detained two deputies MO “Ulyanka”, which stood in solitary pickets near the Legislative Assembly. According to OVD-info, Pavel Kondrashov and Nikita Kirillov opposed intervention in the Affairs of the County, from the deputies of the city Parliament Sergei Nikeshin. They stood with posters “Nikeshin, hands off Alanki!” and “2021 without Nikeshina”.

As described in the publication municipal Deputy Oksana Khlebnikov. team urban MP lost the election to the Board of deputies. After this part of the nominees from “United Russia” and several representatives from other ceased to attend the meetings. The assistant Nikeshina appealed to the court demanding the dissolution of the Council members.

the police OVD-info said that detainees taken away in the 1st division.

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