In St. Petersburg, reduced the number of daily hospitalizations

Residents of the Northern capital were less likely to be hospitalized compared to previous reporting periods. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” said the first Deputy Chairman of health Committee Andrew Saran.

“Statistics of income of the last three days a joy to all physicians of St. Petersburg, especially the ambulance. We are seeing a decline compared to the previous week. Monday and Tuesday we will be hospitalized for up to 100 people. This is about 650-660 people. For comparison, last week it was 750-770, and the week before that in the area of 800-850. That is, we see a distinct improvement and we hope that it will happen next,” said Saran.

According to him, in hospitals of St. Petersburg are treated with about 9 thousand 100 people, of which 1,800 are in the “heavy” patients. On a ventilator was transferred 464 citizens.

According to the latest data, the Northern capital has registered 21 thousand 275 cases COVID-19, died 727 residents.

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