The Czech President refused to go to the Victory parade in Russia on the background of a diplomatic scandal

After the announcement, two employees of the Czech Embassy in Moscow persona non grata Czech Czech President Milos Zeman refused the invitation to attend the Victory parade on June 24.

in the Czech Embassy in Moscow said that the decision is due to limitations caused by a coronavirus.

it is Noted that President Zeman “deeply regrets it” and instead sends himself the Ambassador of Czech Republic in Moscow Vítězslav Pivonka.

“in view of the existing measures to combat the coronavirus, the organization of the visit of President Milos Zeman in Moscow for the celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory, it is not possible” — said the Embassy.

on the Eve of the Russian foreign Ministry has declared persona non grata two employees of the Czech Embassy, to June 17, the Embassy staff and their families left the country. So Russian diplomats reacted to the expulsion from the Czech Republic two employees of the Russian Embassy in early June.

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