In St. Petersburg sentenced a major-cab in deadly accident

Garrison military court of St. Petersburg recognized major Andrei Fokine guilty in crash that claimed the life of two people. Details reported in the United press-service of the courts.

a Fatal accident occurred on the evening of March 28, 2020, in the Nevsky district. A soldier sat behind the wheel drunk “Mazda”, lost control and crashed into several cars standing on the roadway.

the Accident claimed the life of two people. Doctors diagnosed victims of blunt trauma, the body multiple fractures, internal injuries with internal bleeding.

“At the hearing the defendant pleaded to the crime fully recognized, repented. On account of reimbursement for burial gave the family for 50 000 rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage victim and. listed 500 000 rubles”, — told in the press service of the courts.

Fokine went to the penitentiary for 6 years. He also has been deprived a driving licence for 3 years.

Earlier in the Leningrad region have condemned the officers responsible for the organization of a tank firing in 2017. Then one soldier died, three suffered serious bodily injury.

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