In St. Petersburg the number of deaths per day from COVID-19 was a 25-year-old young man

the St. Petersburg health Committee spoke about patients with COVID-19, whose death confirmed in recent days. The Ministry reported that among the victims were 8 men and 11 women. The youngest victim of the coronavirus was 25 years old.

“the Main disease that led to death, is recognized as bilateral pneumonia due to coronavirus infection COVID-19. Patients had chronic diseases, complicating the course of the underlying disease — cardio, ateroskleroz, hypertension, and cancer,” said the Committee.

In the daily statistics consisted of patients who died in July 2020, one person in may.

Recall from the beginning of June, the city switched to a new method of counting deaths. It involves combining the results of the Commission’s analysis of the lethal outcomes and the operational data of the medical death certificates.

For the past day in St. Petersburg 264 new confirmed case of infection with coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic are sick more than 28 thousand citizens died — 1 676 thousand people.

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