In the Academic district will build two new roads

Two dead-end local fare values designed in the Academic area in the South-West of the capital. According to the head Moscomarchitecture Juliana Knajevsko, we are talking about a projected journey № 3551а and the stretch of road from the Large Cheremushkinskaya street to building 5, house No. 2 at the Large Cheremushkinskaya street.

According to her, the new road will provide convenient access to buildings Gagarin and Khamovnichesky courts. At the intersection of streets the Quarry and Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya will be two outdoor Parking.

Traffic on the new lanes will be reversible, with one lane in each direction. As part of the project is planned reconstruction of engineering networks and landscaping.

the Designers also took into account the wishes of local residents and ruled out the possibility of transit traffic in residential yards, and also took them on the most remote distance.

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