In the case of major embezzlement in the Ministry of education and arrested the second person involved

the Tver court of Moscow arrested the head of programmes in the field of science and education of Russian cooperation Mikhail Popov — defendant in the case of large fraud with the budget money. He is sent to jail for a term until 16 August, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier today the court arrested one more person involved in this case — the state Secretary, Deputy Minister of science and higher education Marina Lukashevich. They are both charged with especially large fraud.

Sewn insisted on participation of Popova in the alleged crime and offered to send him to house arrest or on bail of 1 million rubles.

the interior Ministry, where the case was brought, said earlier that it is connected with plunder of budgetary funds in the implementation of contracts with the Ministry of education in 2016. According to investigators, the contractor is not going to do the work, but presented to the customer results, deliberately non-compliant. The work took the employee, who was then a senior position in the Ministry. Damage the interior Ministry has estimated at 50 million rubles, the victims recognized by the Ministry of education. The crime was committed in 2016.

Recall, according to investigators, at the time of committing theft Lukashevich was the CEO of a “Center of development of science”, and Popov held a post in the Ministry of education.

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