In the Crimea convicted ex-official went to work and participated in meetings

In the Crimea opened a criminal case against former Deputy chief of Department of municipal economy administration of Yalta, who is suspected of abuse of power.

According to the UK Russia, in August of 2017, the official illegally solicited from city budget of nearly 2 million rubles to pay for the re-state expertise of design and estimate documentation for the contracts related to the reconstruction of the road network, although re-examination was required to pay contractors.

At the same time, as noted in SK the Russian Federation, the suspect to the time of the arrest on June 16 was fired from city hall, but police caught him at a workshop in the office.

Citizen, “being in the same office,” in 2020 have already been brought to criminal liability on charge in excess of powers of office with causing of heavy consequences. Moreover, in may, he was convicted. However, he continued to work and continued to communicate with employees.

“In this connection, the investigating authorities will be given a basic legal assessment of the actions of higher officials of a city administration of Yalta”, — underlined in SK the Russian Federation.

Now the suspect is detained.

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