In the Petersburg House of stage veterans coronavirus infected employees

In the House of veterans of the scene. M. G. Savina on Petrovsky island in St. Petersburg coronavirus infection contracted 7 employees, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” by the Director of the House veterans scenes Natalia Chibireva.

“At the moment, officially confirmed infection in seven members of the House of veterans. They are now sick, suffer disease easily. We sent them for testing by the institution 11, 12 and 18 June. The virus was detected in asymptomatic they form. And our first employee, non-contact, became ill on 23 may,” said Chibireva.

the House veterans noted that one 88-year-old resident caught the infection, especially for her in the House was created the Observatory, and the woman was put on quarantine. However, she had recovered, the disease was uneventful.

Natalia Chibireva added that from March 13, most of the employees of the House of stage veterans sent to udalenku, and the guests did not leave the facility’s grounds.

Recall, fsbi “House of stage veterans named after M. G. Savina (pension)” provides medical services and provides accommodation to persons of elderly and senile age are former employees of the theaters and theater organizations on the proposal of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation and veterans of the state service.

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