In the St. Petersburg office of

In St. Petersburg and Moscow offices of the organization “Open Russia” was unexpected “guests”. As told to “Mediazone”, the coordinator of the headquarters in St. Petersburg, Sergey Kuzin, came to them by the security forces. A spokesman said that activists planned to hand out stickers. In his opinion, the search needed to remove them. However, reportedly, the police had no documents to search the premises. After a long altercation, they left the office. In turn, the employee of the headquarters in Moscow Tatyana Usmanova told the Agency that when in St. Petersburg began a search in the Moscow headquarters of the people came “dressed as employees of the Center “e””. She said that they began to shout “Search, go, the FSB is” to break the door. According to her, with them there were no people in uniform. Usmanov added that those who stated the following: “In Petersburg the search, we now get the same arrange”. Executive Director of “Open Russia” Andrei Pivovarov said the Agency that men left after the call.

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