In Tokyo described the appearance of the vaccine against coronavirus condition for the Olympics

the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo, postponed for 2021, will be able to pass only if the coronavirus is under control. This was stated by the President of the organizing Committee of “Tokyo 2020” Yoshiro Mori, transfers TV channel NHK.

According to Mori, the most important factor that will affect the decision on carrying out of Games — the presence or lack of progress in the development of vaccines or treatments for mers. The President of the organizing Committee said that if the current situation does not change, the Olympics may not happen, but added that the final decision will be taken by the international Olympic Committee.

Also, Mori suggested that if Games do not take place in 2021, then to move them again will be difficult, because the host cities of the Olympic games identified up to 2028. The 2022 winter Games, will Beijing summer 2024 will be held in Paris.

Also, the President of the organizing Committee added that the option of holding the Olympics without spectators is not considered, however, there is a variant in which the stands of the Games will get visitors from Japan.

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