In Vorkuta unknown, trapping the owner, burned the car of the head of the local TV channel

In the capital of Kolyma unknown staged arson of the car of the head of the channel “TNT-Vorkuta”.

As the channel in the social network, last night on the streets of Leningrad in Vorkuta, the attackers locked the door to the editorial office, where he worked as the head of the TV company “TNT Vorkuta” TV channel “TV Halo” Gennady Knyazev, and burned his Renault DUSTER.

Judging by the video, the car can not be restored.

the TV station notes that the attacker slashed the tires on the car Gennady Knyazev. “On this fact under investigation, the suspect is still at large”, — stated in the message version.

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