Investigation: China deliberately concealed a number of facts about the coronavirus

At the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in China knew not only that this kind of infection, but was aware that it is transmitted from person to person. These developments, however, Beijing has deliberately concealed, concluded the experts of the independent Caixin media group, which conducted the investigation, reports the Daily Mail.

it Turned out that at least five Chinese laboratories have confirmed the existence of “lethal” in the fashion industry, before China reported to the world health organization (who) about the outbreak allegedly unknown virus in the country. While one of the centers studied samples infected COVID-19, in December determined that the disease is “contagious” and could rapidly rasprostranyatsya.

Previously, the who and the American media have repeatedly accused China of concealing information about the coronavirus. In response, Beijing says that China provided in time who information about the outbreak and didn’t try to hide information about the genome of the coronavirus after a few government laboratories cracked it.

According to the latest who data, the total number of cases are reported during the pandemic exceeded 6.9 million, died more than 402 thousand infected.

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