It became known as volunteers, who experience a vaccine against coronavirus

Volunteers received a week ago an experimental vaccine against coronavirus, feel good. About this newspaper “Red star”.

“the Condition of the first and second groups of vaccinated volunteers, under the supervision of specialists of hospital of a name of N. N. Burdenko good”, — stated in the message.

“I got the vaccine, I didn’t even feel like a normal injection in your arm. No symptoms no temperature normal 36,6. Even the head does not hurt,” — said volunteer Sergiy.

Another volunteer, Mykola said that after vaccination, changes in health did not. Another member Yuri added, the temperature varies from 36.6 to 36.7 per.

Now vaccinated with the subsequent monthly exclusion will undergo its second group of volunteers, consisting of 20 persons.

According to the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC), in Russia for the last day recorded 7 113 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection. Per day from the coronavirus passed away 92 people, including 19 in St. Petersburg, 12 — in Moscow, 10 in Moscow region, 5 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Total in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 were detected in 613 994 thousand people died from the disease 8 605 thousand, has recovered 375 164 thousand.

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