For its first stage, five years ago, Béatrice Dalle had impressed the critic in the role of the poisonous Lucretia Borgia. She is about to go up on the boards in November 2019, with his former companion and faithful friend Joey Starr to give him the reply. The actress has announced on January 2 on Instagram working together in a play titled the Elephant Man the theatre of the Folies Bergere.

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Although the distribution of roles is not specified, it is imagined that the “jaguar” of the French rap will take on the appearance of the Elephant Man, deformed, who, at the end of the Nineteenth century, suffered the laughter in the fairs before being ripped off by the surgeon Frederick Treves. A destiny that David Lynch had put in scene in a cult movie in 1980. Béatrice Dalle could camp Ms Madge Kendal, great comedian in the uk that takes under her wing the young unfortunate.

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We can tell you that we will be both on the stage Of the folies bergère to interpret ELEPHANT MAN Under the direction of David Bobee from November 2019, and we are so happy @bobeedavid @joeystar_r_dah_punkfunkhero @slab.beatrice @lesfoliesbergeres

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David Bobée, which led Béatrice Dalle, in Lucrezia Borgia in 2014 at the castle of Grignan, is in charge of the implementation stage. Director of the Centre dramatique national de Normandie-Rouen, it multiplies the position taken in the fight against discrimination. In 2016, its forum titled “Molière of shame”, published in the columns of Télérama , complained about the “racism by omission” in the world of the theatre in France, not sufficiently “inclusive” according to him. We can assume that David Bobée will make the vibrant history of the Elephant Man a plea for tolerance.

last February, Joey Starr is gone, followed by the cameras of Vice, to the discovery of the rum distilleries in the Caribbean. A journey where the actor her glasses of alcohol more than 40% in the tropics. In recent weeks, the leader of Supreme NTM has also been noted for skirmishes on the social networks with the host star, Cyril Hanouna.

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The interpreter My Benz will therefore have to make a new skin to soak up the painful destiny of Joseph Merrick, who died at 27 years old, suffocated by the weight of his own head.