Krasnov: Russia has become less extremist crimes, but increased the threat of terrorism

the Number of extremist crimes in Russia has declined. About it as the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, said at a meeting in the Federation Council, the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov.

the Decline of extremist crimes more than doubled — from 1 thousand 265 in 2019 to 585 in the year 2020 — was due to the partial decriminalization of article 282 of the criminal code, said Krasnov.

While in Russia, the growing threat of terrorism, the Prosecutor General noted. According to him, the number of prevented terrorist attacks increased by one third. “They identified 24 regions, as objects were the places of a mass congestion of people”, — said Krasnov.

He pointed to the need to strengthen preventive work to counter terrorism. In this regard, the Prosecutor General’s office plans to pay special attention to the outcome of the anti-terrorist commissions in the regions and municipalities.

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