Kuban authorities decided to deprive the owners of

In connection with the measures for the destruction of ragweed and other weeds by the head of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervushov suggested to think about the withdrawal from the owners of “abandoned” land.

“We discussed the issue of possibility of using existing legislation to seize land from the worst offenders — individuals and legal entities, which over a long period of time (one year) not caring, not watching his territory. These areas start to grow weeds and ragweed. We talked about the fact that this practice will begin this year to enter. In this regard, I want to see certain developments — statements of claim, claims which are allocated”, — said the head of Krasnodar, whose words transmit “Kuban news”.

“Period of persuasion and persuasion is over. You must go to the withdrawal of these land plots”, — said the mayor.

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