Advisor to the General Director of “Rosatom” Ivan Safronov indicted on charges of treason, told about his life in jail “Lefortovo”.

According to him, he lost 5 kg, but not from stress. “If I lose weight every time I experienced stress, then I would have nothing left,” — said Safronov observer “MK”, who visited him as a member of the PMC in Moscow.

a Former journalist managed obzavedites unusual styling. Hair “so she “missed”, he explained. “Bath day here on Thursdays, that’s yet to be washed,” — said Safronov, adding that he tries not to lose heart.

In an interview with human rights activist, he noted that pressure on him in jail is not. “And in another place — you understand,” he admitted.

in addition Safronov praised the local food and even told me that thanked the chef: “I even like the local food. And the portions here are big.”

Speaking about the reasons of weight loss, Safronov said that in the opinion provides a lot of exercise. “Only 250-300 sit-UPS and push-UPS, rock press. And all the 10 approaches,” he said.

Earlier, Ivan Safronov sent under arrest until September 6. Under the article of treason, he faces up to 20 years in prison. According to security officers, Safronov passed classified information to one of the special services of NATO.

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