In Khabarovsk is in the fifth protest against the arrest of the Governor Furgala

In Khabarovsk on Wednesday held another mass rally to demand the release from custody of the Governor of the region Sergey Furgala.

I/We Furgal!

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 15, 2020

Khabarovsk does not throw his!

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 15, 2020

Previously an employee of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow eve Markachev said that Furgal is not aware of passing in Khabarovsk shares. According to her, the members of the PMC forbade him to report it, and in his cell in Lefortovo no TV.

Another member of the PMC Alexey Melnikov also said that Furgala Allergy from wearing gloves.

Recall that Furgala accused of organizing contract killings of businessmen. He is not guilty.

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