Lukashenko did not rule out the suppression of possible unrest military

In Belarus became known to the date on which his message to the people and the Parliament will announce the head of the country Alexander Lukashenko. As stated in the decree signed by the President, it will happen about a week before the election of head of state on 3 August.

Specifies that Lukashenka will deliver a message at the third extraordinary session of the Natssobraniya.

Today, the President, commenting on the possibility of riots associated with the election campaign, said that does not rule out the involvement in this case, the military. According to Lukashenko, the army to restore order in Belarus he would bring is not wanted, but “anything can happen” and first “street protests” — “the Maidan” and “war”.

Usually the head of state delivers his annual address in the spring, but this year the event was postponed — not because of the pandemic, because the Republic did not enter the quarantine, and in connection with the next election cycle. “I was thinking that since the presidential election, you can combine the message, expand it, make more strategic programme of the present President”, — explained Alexander Lukashenko, his decision to transfer.

Lukashenka and his four rivals will meet in the elections on 9 August. The strongest opponents of the President: the banker Victor Babariko (now is under arrest on charges of financial fraud in the BGB) and founder of the Belarusian “Silicon valley” — the high-tech Park Valery Tsepkalo, tolerance of the Central election Commission have not received.

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