Lukashenko urged not to believe

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged to follow the unjustified increase in prices, especially for commodities and other socially significant goods.

“do Not reasoning that the market will regulate everything, — Lukashenka said, having heard the report on the situation in the consumer market of the country. — We must study the situation, to intervene, to review and, if necessary, stepping in to fix it.”

He said that now the whole world is experiencing a “special case” when even countries with market economies had closed the borders.

“Regulate the price, banned the export to Russia of the remedies doctors masks, respirators, disinfectants and so on. And in this respect I do not blame them. They clearly understand the interests of their people,” — said Lukashenko.

the Minister of Antimonopoly regulation and trade Vladimir Koltovich assured the Belarusian President that “the situation on the commodity and security prices in the domestic consumer market is controllable, predictable and stable”, and there is no deficit for any group of goods.

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