Masha Rasputina on modern show business: the stage jump voiceless and mindless monkeys

Current artists are corrupting the public with his behavior. The opinion was expressed “Interlocutor” in the popular 90s singer Masha Rasputina.

56-year-old artist is critical of stellar colleagues who, in her opinion, only a disgrace to the modern stage.

“On stage jumping voiceless and mindless monkeys. What is now afloat, awful, all at a low level,” — said Rasputin. The singer has noticed that the low level of culture “destroys spiritually our youth.”

Rasputin sees complete chaos going on now in the world of cinema.

Patient the widow of the first husband of Masha Rasputina is mired in poverty: “the lack of spirituality in everything: in music and in cinema.” “The enemies of humanity, saying: “If you want to win some country and enslave its people, to bring up their children,” said Rasputin, drawing attention, on what is now our children are educated.

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