our special correspondent in Nice

Matisse and cinema, the alliance seems to be a priori “chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella” ( The Songs of Maldoror , 1869, and Lautréamont). Alliance surrealist worthy of André Breton? Alliance unknown, meet Claudine Grammont and Dominique Païni, the commissioners of this “Cinématisse” unexpected and exciting at the Musée Matisse in Nice. Strong intuition-these two temperaments are complementary, have convinced Jean-Jacques Aillagon, general commissioner of the Biennale of arts, to inscribe the painter of Naked blue and of the lagoons of Oceania, the program of this edition 100 % cinema. Action!

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The year is damn cinephile in Nice with the 100 years of the studio of the Victorine, which saw the filming of Children of paradise by Marcel Carné and the Mystery of Picasso of Clouzot (more than 20,000 visitors for the days …

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