Media: Bulk found the family acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai property of 125 million rubles

the family of the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev owns a house and an apartment a total cost of 125 million rubles. This opinion set out in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, reports “Rain”.

the House is situated in a village not far from Moscow, decorated for father Degtyarev. The market value of the home, the estimated BCF is about 100 million rubles. According to the documents, area — 266 square meters, but in the investigation said that the actual its area is supposedly four times more — 1 million square meters.

the House purchased a month after the election of the mayor of Moscow, who had gone in September 2013, said Navalny. He expressed the opinion that in this way Degtyarev could “reward” for participation in the elections as a sham candidate from the opposition.

In 2018 Degtyarev participated in the elections, and then allegedly got the apartment at a lower price, says the investigation. The apartment is located in the metro area Academic and was the mother Degtyarev. The market price of the apartment, according to FBK, is 25 million rubles.

Recall, 20 July, President Vladimir Putin has Degtyareva appointed acting Governor of Khabarovsk territory. The former head of region Sergey Furgala, who was arrested on charges of organizing murders and assassination attempt, the President has sent in the resignation.

in mid-July in Khabarovsk rallies continue in support of a Furgala. After the appointment of the new Governor Degtyarev protesters demanded his resignation. On Thursday, the festival came out to protest in the 20-th time.