Media: Putin's residence appeared special equipment for protection against coronavirus

At the residence of the Russian President in Novo-Ogaryovo established a special tunnel. His task is to resist the penetration of coronavirus on the object.

As reported by journalists of the Kremlin pool, RIA “Novosti”, the tunnel is used for disinfection. Everyone passing through it is in “fine water mist”. This water cover dust cover clothing and exposed areas of the body belong to Putin with a disinfectant solution. The tunnel developed by Penza company, which said the installation of special equipment in the residence of Putin.

Recall that in April, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that everyone meets the head of state, pass a test for COIVD-19. Putin did not rule out entirely face-to-face contact, but minimize them and all of them are compliance with social distance, said Peskov, who later himself became infected with the coronavirus and was hospitalized.

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