Media: Rich Russians are leaving Russia to wait out the quarantine in the West

wealthy Russians are leaving Russia to wait coronavirus crisis in the West. They fly to the UK and Cyprus, where own property, have residence permits, second citizenship, or close relatives, writes Reuters.

Most airlines have stopped scheduled flights, therefore, one of the few available ways to leave Russia remains the business jet, one flight of which costs an average of 16,000 to 25,000 euros, the publication. It also quotes the representatives of the companies that offer private flights business jets. According to them, watching the growing demand for flights from Russia to France, Spain, Britain, Cyprus, Austria, Latvia and other European countries.

So, according to media reports, in March recorded 250 flights business jets between Moscow and Europe. In April the number fell to 61 back and forth between 1 and 26 may, the frequency of such flights has increased to 107.

Recall that in pandemic Russia closed the border on March 27, leaving only the export of rare flights.

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