Media: the Case of Safronova instructed the investigator on the case Kudryavtseva

an Investigation about treason against the adviser to the head of the Russian space Agency journalist Ivan Safronov led by the investigator of investigative management of FSB Alexander Shepherd. He is also investigating a case of treason against the employee, the Central research Institute of machine building (TsNIIMash, a lead Agency Roscosmos) Viktor Kudryavtsev, reports “Interfax” citing a source. The data confirmed one of the lawyers Safronov.

Official comments on this issue yet.

Recall that Safronov was arrested the day before in the morning and evening Lefortovsky court arrested him for two months on charges of treason. Safronov doesn’t admit guilt.

FSB stated that Safronov on behalf of one of the special services of NATO were collected and transferred to its representative information on military-technical cooperation, defence and security of the Russian Federation constituting state secrets.

Roscosmos said that during the work of the Corporation Zarowno had no access to classified information and that the detention is not related to his work in the Corporation.

Another source reported that in the case Safronova, there are three examination, confirming the secrecy of information that he transmitted to foreign intelligence service.

After the trial lawyers Safronov Ivan Pavlov and Evgeny Smirnov said that, according to investigators, Safronov in 2012, was recruited by the intelligence service of the Czech Republic. In 2017 he got from her job and in the same year, gave her secret information about the supply of arms to Africa and the Middle East. The FSB believe that the Czech intelligence Agency operated under the control of the United States and the last are the final recipient of data.

According to Pavlov, for Safronov “for a long time watched”. He made this conclusion from the data that the criminal case against his client filed July 6, but there’s already sewn seven volumes. The lawyer added that investigators believe that Safronov acted out of selfish motives.

Security in this case insists that the criminal case is not proofSTW involvement Safronova to the transfer of any classified information, said the lawyer Pavlov. The defense also does not know, on what the information is about, he added.

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