Media: the Russian submarine does not give NATO to freely cross the Atlantic

In the Atlantic ocean, in particular in its Northern part, increased the number of combat submarines of Russia. It warned the head of the joint Maritime command NATO Keith Blount, quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

“Now, we regularly observed the following: there are more subs who come on (into the Atlantic), and abide (there) longer,” said the Vice-Admiral. Because of the Russian submarine submarines, NATO becomes difficult to conduct their mission.

According to the commander, multiple submarines can patrol the Eastern coastline of the United States, which threatens not only the us Navy, but also the strategic infrastructure of the country.

at the end of last year, Russia conducted one of the largest maneuvers since the end of the cold war. On the teachings from the Arctic into the North Atlantic came just 10 submarines.

the Norwegian NRK TV channel, telling about the event, called it not the teachings, but a “military operation” against the Alliance.

Earlier, the American military commander, the head of command in Europe and Africa James Foggo said that the Mediterranean sea is increasingly militarizing because of the Russian submarine fleet. The appearance of Russian submarines in the European sea routes going on at the same time as Moscow “strengthens the stronghold in Libya,” said the General.

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