Media: To Lukashenko's residence charge for special equipment (video)

special Equipment and trucks with soldiers of internal troops of Belarus strapped to the building of the residence of President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk. It is reported by RBC with reference to and Telegram channel NEXTA Live.

As noted, the security forces blocked the street on which the building and fenced area where is located the Palace of the Republic. Law enforcement authorities put up fences and in the neighboring streets.

in addition, the guards blocked the pedestrian area of Independence Avenue near the post office.

law enforcement officers already lined up on the sidewalks of Central Avenue near the Glavpochtampa — on the way to Independence square.

— Belarus news (@belnovosti2020) August 9, 2020 Eyewitnesses reported that “in Minsk call the column of EXPLOSIVES and the army.”

In a Network there are photos and video on the frame you can see the string of trucks and special equipment that should be in the center of the city from part of the BB in the night sky. Military patrols, reinforced by armored vehicles were also seen at the entrances to Minsk.

we Remind that today in Belarus held presidential elections. Alexander Lukashenko takes part in them for the sixth time. His main rivals on the eve of the submission of documents to the CEC was arrested.