Mel Gibson may well embody Ulysses on the big screen, according to the blog american is devoted to the cinema The Geeks Worldwide. This adaptation would be signed by Ann Peacock, who has already shown in films like The Chronicles of Narnia, and Jeremy Doner, who wrote the series The Killing .

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The story, always according to the same source, will focus on the end of the work of Homer, when Odysseus return to Ithaca finds that a certain Antinoos is now leading the island after having him locked up and Penelope, his wife, and Telemachus, his son. The rightful king, at the end of the forces, shall be evidence of the ingenuity that characterizes to overcome this final enemy and finally find the peace he deserves.

the title of The project has not yet been unveiled, no more than the rest of the cast. Mel Gibson is not his first role heroic. In 1995, he was already William Wallace in Braveheart, hero of scottish independence. The myth of Ulysses has often been treated in the film ( Troy ) and in the animation ( Ulysses 31 , The Odyssey ).

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