Merkel has warned Russia of sanctions for daring assassination in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened Russia with new sanctions for the removal to Berlin of the former Chechen militant Zelimkhan khangoshvili. Previously, Germany has expelled two Russian diplomats.

“We reserve the possibility of response, as mentioned (before) foreign Minister (Heiko Maas), but first you need to wait, show the process”, — the politician noted.

June 18, prosecutors in Germany have indicted the alleged killer khangoshvili Vadim Krasikov. Following this, the Russian Ambassador was summoned to the German foreign Ministry.

khangoshvili was Georgian citizenship. 23 August 2019, he was in the middle of the day shot by Krasikova in the centre of Berlin. Russians detained; it turned out that he entered the country on a fake passport.

According to the version of Germany, khangoshvili was killed as a terrorist on behalf of “government agencies, directly subordinated to the Central authorities of Russia.”

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