Michael Light: the Government is losing contact with reality, believes in his own lies

the Russians finally left without a Constitution, but it’s a chance in the future to write a really good document when the power shifts, says the libertarian, the Chairman of movement “Civil society” Michael the Lights.

As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the latter “particularly brazen” the vote on the amendments, the government signed the sentence itself, not a new generation of citizens. The government is losing touch with reality and begins to believe in his own lies, and the opposition should take advantage of it, he added.

“there Was a lot of debate about what the previous revision was made is illegitimate, the procedure was causing issues. Now we were finally left without the Basic law, it is a tragedy, but we have a chance to write a good document, to press for its ratification, when the power all-taki will change. Now all seems very sad, very dark, but darker just before the dawn, and he’s close,” said Lights.

According to him, the main strategy for the future — unification and victory over item.

“Do something! It is important not to spare himself, and work! For you it will not make one! Yes, generation split will happen, but it is not enough, it will be the nomenclature. It is important to require a quantum leap to power came into the hands of decent people, and not to the heirs of those crimes that were committed in the Soviet Union, under Yeltsin, under Putin,” said the libertarian.

the Full version of the statements of Mikhail Svetov read soon in the “Rosbalt”. The reporter also talked with other young experts and politicians about the future of the country after the “reset” of the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin.

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