Mishustin know what to do with the Russian microelectronics

Russia needs to catch up with foreign countries in the field of microelectronics, and the state has provided for the development of this sector investment of approximately 266 billion by 2024. About it today, answering questions of deputies of the state Duma, said the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

According to him, Russia “of 25 years ago” began to lose “the capacity to produce large-scale integrated circuits”. “Today in world exports occupied by the 1% and provide yourself with microelectronics, which are created in Russia, at 41%, even for their own needs. The situation is complicated. Now in the world there are only two companies that produce the whole set of machines for the microelectronics full cycle — Japanese and American. There is production, separately specialize in certain types Mikroelektronika. We need a good way to seriously catch up”, — TASS quoted the Prime Minister.

He recalled that in Russia this year adopted a development Strategy for electronic industry until 2030. In particular, the task is to increase by 2030, the volume of production of electronics in 2.5 times, 2.7 times to increase exports. “The intellectual potential of our developers remained at the highest level. The so-called design centers that are engaged in the direct development of chips, microelectronics, in Russia we have preserved and kept the commands that make up to 7 microns (characteristic of the design rules for chip — ed.). This is very important. This was sent to relevant changes in the tax maneuver to companies that will design chips that received these benefits and not run away to the West and not worked on our, let’s say, competitors,” — said Mishustin.

He said that in the next two years Russia invests in the development of microelectronics in the order of 142 billion rubles, and until 2024 for these purposes there will be approximately 266 billion roubles, marks RIA “news».

“Except that we have adopted strategic documents, we have provided investment in the next two years, infrastructure investment in the amount of 142 billion rubles. Total investment up to 2024, associated with microelectronics, will be approximately 266 billion rubles,” — said the Prime Minister.

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