Missing three days ago Olympic champion was found dead in the woods in the suburbs

Missing on July 22, the Olympic champion in free-style wrestling Alexander Ivanitsky was found dead in the woods in the suburbs.

As reported on Twitter, the public Association “Lisa Alert”, 82-year-old veteran of the Soviet sports has gone to the forest to pick mushrooms and never returned.

was organized looking men. Volunteers for three days scoured the woods along the river Bank of the vane in the vicinity of Moscow Rusa. The area was examined from a helicopter, were also involved boats, imagers, sounders. According to state inspector GIMS of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow Vladimir Nechaev, Ivanitsky, apparently, came in water because the bath was his clothes.

On the third day the rescuers found the body of a man.

Alexander Ivanitsky — the Soviet wrestler and Olympic champion in 1964 in Tokyo, honored master of sports of the USSR.

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