More than half of Russians assess the situation in the country as a whole as bad

More than half — 56% interrogated VTSIOM Russians appreciate how bad the situation in the country as a whole. 38% think the situation is good, and this figure increased by 8 percentage points compared to April of this year.

The same trend is noticeable in the estimation of the Russians of the situation in the world. At the end of April 72% of the respondents assessed the situation in the world as bad and 72%, as good — only 17% of our compatriots. In the survey of June 5, already 23% of respondents gave a positive evaluation, negative 63%. The question of how you assess the situation in your municipality, 49% of respondents answered “good” and 46% “bad”.

against the background of withdrawal associated with the pandemic restrictions in early June, the Russians have become more positive with their lives. Positive life estimate 65% of respondents, a rise of 7 percentage points compared to April. While 32% assess the current situation as bad.

a Survey conducted on 5 June, it was attended by 1.6 thousand Russians at the age from 18 years.

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