Moscow doctors removed a giant tumor from baby ribs

In the capital desgraves told about the baby, the edges of which had grown huge tumors.

six-month baby was operated on surgeons Morozov children’s city clinical hospital. As have informed in a press-service vedomsti, specility deleted sprouted from the edges of a six-month baby of the tumor and restored the affected chest.

Specifies that the child was taken to the hospital with complaints of lump in left side of chest. The results of the CT scan the doctors found a huge mass of the left and right halves of the thorax, which proceeded from their ribs and strongly deformed.

desgraves noted that surgical intervention was carried out in two stages: in March of thoracic surgeons removed the mass was about 10cm from the right side of the chest, and in may removed the tumor size of about 4 cm on the left.

After tissue healing, the boy was discharged home.

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