Moscow expects a warm day with rain and a thunderstorm

showers, thunderstorms and up to 25 degrees Celsius expected in Moscow on Sunday, said a leading specialist of the center weather “Phobos” Mikhail Leus.

“Today, the SYNOPTIC situation will determine shifting from the southwest warm atmospheric front. It will cause cloudy with clearings weather, sometimes cause short rains, in some areas thunder storms. Temperature plus 23-25, at the region plus 21-26,” — said Leus.

the Forecaster added that began the day before the increase of the background temperature continues, and the thermometer readings will return to the climate.

Also, according to him, in Moscow during the day can drop up to 5 millimeters of precipitation.

“the Wind is South-West, 3-8 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will change a little and will make 751 mm of a mercury column that above norm”, — concluded the forecaster.

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