Mother of the lost girl apologized to Kadyrov for the version about violent death of her daughter

The mother of 23-year-old deceased Chechen Madina Umaeva apologized on air of TV channel “Grozny” in front of the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov for the version about violent death of his daughter at the hands of her husband, informs “the South.Ru”. The publication notes that the body of 23-year-old large Madina Umaeva was discovered in Gudermes on June 12. Her mother Earlier Davletmirzayev told the “Caucasian knot” that shortly before the death of her daughter quarreled with her husband and his family due to the purchase of TV for the money the child allowance. The interviewee added that she tried several times to leave her husband because of the beatings. Davletmirzayev then suggested that her daughter could have been killed. On 18 June, the public Prosecutor Sharpuddi Abdul-Kadyrov instructed the head of the SU IC of Russia in the Czech Republic to investigate reports that the girl could kill the spouse “on the basis of the arisen aversions”. Two days later, investigators began preliminary examination. The Ministry assured that “there will be established the circumstances that led to the death of the woman, interviewed relatives and persons involved in its disposal”. On the same day for carrying out is judicial-medical examination of exhumed body Umaibou. On the eve of Instagram chgtrk “Grozny” reported that the head of the Republic personally undertook the trial of the sensational case. According to “Caucasian knot”, at the meeting in the city of Gudermes, the Chechen head of the Department of insurance Vitaliy Volkov said that the results of the examination of the autopsy of the deceased will be ready “in about a week and a half,” noting that who examined the body, the expert has not found any visible damage. Kadyrov demanded from the Director and Davletmirzayev to name the source of reports about the violent death of her daughter. The woman replied that the conclusion that her daughter was killed, she did after the call of an unknown woman. Brother Director and Davletmirzayev the deceased apologized at the meeting for their expectedia about the violent death of the girl. The mother of the deceased also apologized. Kadyrov has ordered to take Davletmirzayev grandchildren and send them to the father.

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