NASA congratulated China on the launch probe to Mars

the Head of NASA Jim Breidenstein congratulated the Chinese authorities on the successful launch of China’s first probe to study Mars, “Tanwani-1” (“Questions to heaven-1”).

“Thanks to today’s launch, China became closer to join the international community of Mars researchers. USA, Europe, Russia, India, and soon the UAE will welcome you on Mars to begin an exciting year of scientific discoveries,” wrote Breidenstein on Twitter.

the Launch of China’s first probe to study Mars successfully passed at 07:41 MSK at the Baikonur “Wenchang” Haikou city with the help of the carrier rocket “chanchzhen-5” (“long March 5”). Rocket through 2167 seconds of flight successfully put the probe into orbit, he began “its journey in the exploration of Mars”.

According to preliminary calculations, the probe will take about seven months to reach the planet’s surface, in the case of success of the mission, the probe will send the obtained data to the Earth in 2021.

the Main purpose of the mission is to find possible signs of life on Mars and help scientists to understand whether conditions on the planet to change in the future so that it will be fit for life.

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