Nearly 400 people being treated for COVID-19 at the Filatov hospital, 45 — connected to the ventilator

a day in the hospital. Filatova in Moscow, enrolled 101 patients. Information about cited in his Facebook head doctor of the hospital Valery Vechorko.

According to him, the only treatment in the clinic are 963 patients identified 921 community-acquired pneumonia of viral etiology, and the coronavirus found in the 392 people.

Vechorko noted that 45 patients filatovskaya hospital connected to the ventilator. He also said that the day of the medical facilities was discharged to 110 people.

Note, that Moscow is still 20 clinics, which were deployed outpatient CT centers, returned to the planned admission of patients after the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

32 CT Previously on centers passed the examination only patients with symptoms of SARS, suspected community-acquired pneumonia and coronavirus.

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