No longer face Audi: Sobchak stripped of the advertising contract, suspecting racism

TV Presenter Ksenia Sobchak has lost a promotional contract due to allegations of racism. German car company Audi, which she was, broke the agreement with Sobchak after a post Instagram.

On his page in the social network was criticized leading the campaign in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which began in the US after the high profile deaths of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis in late may.

the Representative of Audi said that the company does not accept the leading behavior, as it rejects racism and discrimination, was quoted by DW.

Sobchak worked with Audi for over 8 years and was the advertising face of the German brand in Russia.

Earlier in social networks there was a scandal after the release of the show Sobchak, where she entered the way, in a sarcastic speech mentioned the story of the rape of Stas Kostushkin. He admitted that a child has been sexually abused. Users of condemned lead. A “Daily Poster” wrote that supposedly the brand is Mixit, which cooperates with Sobchak, stop to cooperate with it. Later, this information was not confirmed.

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