North Korea threatened South Korea with war

Pyongyang will take permanent steps to punish Seoul for propaganda leaflets, said Monday the leading North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”. “Ruthless retaliatory actions will continue. Our invincible revolutionary strong army will avenge our people, who became angrier than ever”, — is spoken in article of the publication. It is noted that the willingness of the people and soldiers of the DPRK to action, demonstrating a General “intolerance to abuse the dignity of the Supreme leadership.” The newspaper criticized South Korea for the least effort to stop antipregnancy distribution of leaflets by activists, thus summoning the “worst in history” tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The article was published on the day of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration adopted on 15 June 2000 during the first ever inter-Korean summit between then President Kim Dae-Jung and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang. Meanwhile, Minister of unification of the two Koreas, Kim Yong Chol, speaking at the event dedicated to the 20th anniversary from the day of the summit said that South and North Korea must be mindful of the spirit of reconciliation, rooted in the first ever summit of their leaders. “What we have to do is remind yourself of the spirit of the June 15, at a time when the relations South-North is about to lose its direction,” — said the Minister. “Joint Declaration of June 15, is a historical event that served as a turning point in the history of the division. The Declaration and the process of its implementation we learned that the world cannot be achieved by itself,” he said. The Minister of unification said that peace can only be achieved on the basis of mutual respect. He stressed the importance of dialogue and negotiation that, in his opinion, will help to reduce cross-border tensions.

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