Novosibirsk staged at the city's main square mass celebrations with dancing (video)

In Novosibirsk in the night of Sunday staged mass celebrations. The adherence of social distance out of the question.

according to “” music for the participants played from parked at Lenin square cars. According to eyewitnesses, members came and went, but always on the “dance floor” there were about 100 people.

the NGS Portal has published videos shot by eyewitnesses with the festivities. According to the newspaper, people began to gather at ten o’clock in the evening. They stood and danced next to each other, without observing a distance, some climbed on the machine. On records show that neither of the parties has no protective masks.

the police initially wanted to conduct a check upon party, however, later the Ministry of internal Affairs police stated that the records of the party — part of the installation. Supposedly there were no more than 50-60 people, and they dispersed after police conducted preventive conversations.

At the same time, the NHS has estimated the number of people captured in the photo with the quadcopter, and it turned out that there were about 300.

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