The media learned about the withdrawal of fighters PMC

the Area of combat actions in Libya have left at least 1.6 PMC fighters “Wagner”, which is associated with Russia, reports the Anadolu news Agency.

In the command of the government forces of Libya said that the mercenaries took off on two military transport planes from airport Beni Walid to the South-East of Tripoli.

With the redeployment of mercenaries is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the head of the Libyan interior Ministry accused the soldiers of PMC “Wagner” in the use of chemical weapons. According to him, may 18 from mercenaries was tipped a strategically important air base “Wetie” in the West of the country, which for many years served as a springboard for attacks on Tripoli.

Earlier, in Tripoli found the dead mercenary — presumably from Russia, Turkish edition. As reported by Anadolu, the corpse found in the area from the day before soldiers drove the rebel General Khalifa Haftorah.

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