Observers note the absence of irregularities in the voting process in Moscow

the Observer from the Public chamber of Moscow Nikolay Kanev said that the vote in the capital for amendments to the Constitution in compliance with all requirements of sanitary-epidemiological safety.

According to him, every morning before opening of the polling stations for disinfection of the premises. Observers and Commission members are provided with disposable gowns, gloves and masks. Also each contributing person is given the package of remedies. Kanevsky said that violations at the site was noted. He said that “there have been attempts of people who registered for e-voting, to vote in person, but it was stopped”.

Recall that on 25 June in Moscow earned for voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The city has about 21 thousand 500 observers from NGOs and public organizations.

3608 all stations are working round the clock surveillance cameras. Video recording will be stored until the end of voting, that at any moment it was possible to check the application received on violation.

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