On the Yamal Peninsula, the turnout had exceeded 100%, and in the Adygea Republic and Buryatia Republic has decreased over time

In remote areas of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, the turnout in early voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation has exceeded 100%.

As explained by the head of district electoral Committee Andrey Gibert, heads of enterprises gave inaccurate information about the number of their employees who to vote for. The result is due to the arrival of new shift workers the number of voters exceeded the number forecast of the electoral Commission.

Participation in early voting in YANAO took 39 447 thousand citizens, of which 30 633 — employees of enterprises of fuel and energy complex, reports “Nakanune”.

meanwhile, as noted by St. Petersburg politician Alexander Shurshev, in Adygeya Buryatia and CEC recorded a decrease in turnout over time. So, in Adygeya, according to noon, voted 52.95% of voters, and by 15:00 local time — 52.79%. Turnout at 18:00 was 54.01%.

In Buryatia had the same anomaly: by 12:00 recorded turnout in 60.52% of voters and 15:00 — 60.16%.

Some anomalies in the data of the CEC on turnout in the regions. Today, from 12 to 15 hours local time, the voters in Adygeya Buryatia Republic and came to the land and took their votes back, because the turnout there did not grow, and decreased https://t.co/9gBrKYXAEe pic.twitter.com/iFH6oKJHcY

— Alexander Shurshev (@Shurshev) July 1, 2020

In the Sverdlovsk region at 10:52 local time in system gas “Elections” were marked with the turnout at 18:00. Chief editor Znak.com Dmitry Kolesev suggested that this data is only one hard-to-reach Wick in Taborinskaya area, but on the website of the CEC, these figures are shown in the pivot table as data for the entire region. This information remains relevant to the time of publication.

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