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Our Lady: the ministry of Culture recalls the “emergency” to avoid a collapse

Our Lady of Paris has recorded falling rocks after the heat-wave and short-still a potential risk of collapse, the “rhythm of work” since April 16, being justified by the “extreme urgency”, said the ministry of Culture.

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“The whole of the State services involved in the construction have made the health of workers on this project an absolute priority, taking precedence over any other consideration”, is justified the department responding to the accusations of Médiapart and associations who accuse them of negligence, including information on the risks of blood lead levels. It lists the different measures taken “to preserve the state of health of workers” as soon as the 18 and 22 April by the regional Directorate of cultural affairs (DRAC).

The ministry stressed the need to resume quickly the work, after current interruption: “today, the building is still the subject of a decree of the peril of the prefect of police, dated 17 April, and new falls of stone vaults of the nave have very recently produced a result of the heatwave”,-he stressed.

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The work interrupted until Monday,

The work was halted on July 25, on the recommendation of the labour inspectorate because of the risk of lead contamination. They are set to resume Monday. “It is only the urgency linked to the persistent risk of collapse, which justified the pace of the work incurred since April 16,” stressed the ministry.

“The recommendations of the labour inspectorate have already been widely taken into account by the project manager and will also be for the duration of the operation of the conservation and restoration of the cathedral”, he further assured, in response to concerns expressed by the associations.

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