Pompeo called on Russia to immediately release the

Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on behalf of the US demanded to release Paul Whelan, whose court in Moscow sentenced today in spy case to 16 years in a penal colony.

the United States “outraged” by the sentence of its citizen, said in a Twitter head of the state Department.

“we Demand the immediate release of Paul Whelan”, said the head of the foreign Ministry, noting that the process took place in the “secret mode” and evidence against Whelan remain mysterious to the American side.

Outraged by the decision today to convict Paul Whelan on the basis of a secret trial, with secret evidence, and without appropriate allowances for defense witnesses. Paul’s treatment by the Russian authorities continues to be appalling, and we demand his immediate release.

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) June 15, 2020

convict Himself says about his innocence. Whelan’s lawyers called the charges against him are trumped up by Russian security services. The verdict will be appealed, promised the representatives of the American.

Whelan is a former Navy seal of the U.S. armed forces, also has passport Canada, the UK and Ireland. The leadership of these countries, as Washington stood up for its citizens.

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